Hey guys! My name is Mercedes, but you can call me "Cede". I am a 25 year old Massachusetts based lifestyle photographer. To me, photography is so much more than taking pictures and giving them to you. It is so much more than just smiling at the camera. Photography freezes moments of your life. It's about holding onto memories that one day, you will look back and reminisce on. Your wedding day will only happen once. Your child will only be 4 years old, once. These moments of your life that I will capture in pictures, will only happen once. I want to be the person that gets to freeze these moments of time for you. I am a photographer that couldn't care less about the posed and traditional portraits. Instead, I will deliver you real, raw, authentic images. Images that you can feel. I am the photographer who promises not to miss every single in-between moment, and will pour my heart into your photos. Because you know what? The pictures I take will someday be in an old family photo album, or on a grandparent's wall in their home, and that is why I love being a photographer. I am able to contribute to your life's most precious moments and create little pieces of history, one photo at a time. With that, I have a question for you. What makes you, you? What do you look like in your happiest moments? Are you laughing with your bestfriend? Are you crying, walking down the aisle? Are you hugging your child? Whatever it may be, I want to capture that.

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